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AIA's Sam Brown on ABC Country Hour

Agricultural Innovation Australia CEO Sam Brown spoke with Michael Condon from ABC's NSW Country Hour last week about the AIA Environmental Accounting Platform.

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Definitive cross-sectoral carbon accounting engine available now

Australia’s first cross-sectoral carbon accounting engine is now live, giving the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors a standardised approach to carbon accounting across a wide range of commodities.


80 million reasons to be excited about the AIA EAP

Following a successful beta-period and the completion of an independent impact assessment, Australia’s first definitive cross-sectoral carbon calculation engine for the agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors is being readied for launch.

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Supporting the transition to a circular economy

To help the transition of the agricultural, fisheries and forestry sectors to a circular economy, AIA has announced a partnership with Circular Australia.

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Andrew Baxter appointed to the AIA Board

Experienced advisor and thought leader, Andrew Baxter, has been elected to the AIA Board by its members at last week’s Annual General Meeting.

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Beta launch of Australia’s first cross-sectoral carbon accounting engine

Today marks the beta launch of a definitive online carbon calculation engine for Australia’s agriculture, fisheries and forestry sectors, known as the Agricultural Innovation Australia Environmental Accounting Platform (AIA EAP).

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Expert panel to guide first of its kind environmental accounting platform

Marking a significant step forward in the delivery of its groundbreaking, cross-sector environmental accounting platform, AIA has today announced the establishment of a specialist Technical Advisory Panel to support the integrity and compliance of the platform.

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Partnership to enhance agricultural innovation and collaboration

Agricultural Innovation Australia (AIA) and SparkLabs Cultiv8/Cultiv8 Funds Management (Cultiv8) have entered into a strategic partnership to support collaboration and innovation across Australian agriculture.

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Enterprise-wide carbon footprinting to become a reality

Development of a digital platform that will allow Australian farmers, fishers and foresters (growers) to calculate their enterprise’s carbon footprint across multiple commodities is underway.

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Climate Atlas to support thriving industries into the future

Understanding what commodities will grow well in any given location of Australia in the future is among the potential benefits of a new initiative led by Agricultural Innovation Australia Ltd (AIA).

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Sectors unite to create common framework for GHG accounting

Australian agriculture now has a common framework for greenhouse gas (GHG) accounting, helping support sector-level baselines, reporting and communication of a united Australian narrative around emissions.

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Cross-sectoral approach to carbon footprint solution

A ground-breaking cross-sectoral initiative is underway to develop a solution that enables Australian farmers, fishers and foresters to understand their enterprise’s carbon footprint and make better informed decisions to reduce emissions and capture new opportunities.

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$19m investment to bolster Australian agriculture’s climate resilience

Australia’s agricultural sector will be able to better understand and manage short-term climate risks as well as build long-term resilience, thanks to a $19 million investment through Agricultural Innovation Australia Ltd (AIA).

Strategy at a glance

Transforming agricultural innovation

AIA's Strategic Plan outlines how it will drive cross‑sectoral collaboration and leverage public and private sector investment to target transformational innovation for Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

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