Transforming agricultural innovation

Transforming agricultural innovation


AIA's Strategic Plan outlines how it will drive cross‑sectoral collaboration and leverage public and private sector investment to target transformational innovation for Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

Established by Australia’s 15 Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs), AIA facilitates joint investment and collaboration in agricultural issues of national importance.

Sam Brown, AIA CEO, said that the company’s role is to identify, develop, and attract investment into strategies which address the hard to solve problems across agriculture.

“AIA enables the RDCs to collectively invest in these areas and take a whole‑of‑sector approach to innovation ‑ which, ultimately, delivers greater value to their levy payers and industries,” Mr Brown said.

This Strategic Plan details how we will work with the RDCs and the private sector to attract new investment, catalyse new partnerships and bring new perspectives to Australian agriculture.

AIA’s plan identifies eight priority areas across agriculture, fisheries and forestry that it aims to address, including climate, biosecurity, sustainability, traceability, natural resource management, energy, waste and circular economy, and digital and data.

“The Australian agricultural innovation system needs to engage in a more effective, coordinated way with the private sector to encourage and target investment at scale in these priority areas. Our plan outlines the role AIA will play in helping to streamline co-investment and encourage greater collaboration across the broader innovation ecosystem,” Mr Brown said.

The company has already identified three programs of work to address climate resilience and adaptation, which have attracted investment and collaboration commitments from the RDCs.

“A variable climate poses both significant challenges and opportunities for farmers, fishers and foresters (growers). We are currently working with the RDCs and other partners to develop solutions which will help them better understand the short-term risks as well as build long-term resilience through adaptation.

“At the core of our plan is delivering value to growers, value chain enterprises and investors, by exploring new and different approaches to agricultural innovation,” Mr Brown said.

Margo Andrae, CEO of Australian Pork Limited, said it is exciting to see AIA’s plan challenging traditional R&D models.

The RDCs set AIA up as an independent company, with the scope and scale to be able to approach agricultural innovation in a totally new way. AIA is uniquely placed to bring the right people and investors together, to solve Australian agriculture’s increasingly complex challenges.
AIA Strategic Plan

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