Members and partners

Our founding members are Australia’s 15 rural Research and Development Corporations, which span the agriculture, fisheries and forestry industries.

AgriFuturesAustralian Meat Processor CorporationAustralian EggsAustralian PorkAustralian Wool Innovation LimitedCRDCDairy AustraliaFRDCForest and Wood Products AustraliaGRDCHort InnovationLiveCorpMLASugar Research AustraliaWine Australia


Rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs)

RDCs have helped drive agricultural innovation since 1989, by enabling the Australian government and primary producers to co-invest in research and development.

They are focused on, and invest on behalf of, their specific commodities and sectors.

Cross-sectoral collaboration

Establishing AIA enabled the RDCs to collectively invest in the big, cross-sectoral issues and take a whole-of-sector approach to innovation.

Member RDCs and their levy payers benefit from enhanced collaboration and more effective leveraging of funding, knowledge and resources to achieve and accelerate transformational outcomes. 

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AIA works with a range of organisations both from within and outside the agricultural sector.

By bringing different people and organisations to the table, we can harness our collective expertise and unique strengths, to tackle the industry’s biggest challenges together.

If you are interested in partnering with AIA, contact us

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