AIA targets big, cross-sectoral opportunities and challenges which will drive transformational change across Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

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We focus on addressing significant challenges and opportunities in the following strategic priority areas, common across agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

  • Climate
  • Biosecurity
  • Sustainability and regenerative agriculture
  • Supply chain traceability
  • Natural resource management
  • Energy
  • Waste and circular economy
  • Digital and data

Our Strategic Plan outlines how we drive cross‑sectoral collaboration and leverage public and private sector investment, to target transformational innovation for Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

AIA Strategic Plan

Download AIA Strategic Plan

Key to our success are:

Attracting new and non-traditional investment into Australian agriculture.
Enabling more effective leveraging of RDC funding, knowledge and networks to reduce duplication.
Enhancing collaboration across the broader Australian innovation ecosystem.
Accelerating adoption and commercialisation by ensuring end-user input throughout the innovation process.
Fostering innovation leadership and culture by embracing new ideas, taking risks and being comfortable with failure.

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