Regenerative Agriculture

In collaboration with SAI Platform Australia, AIA is exploring regenerative agriculture and the potential opportunities for cross-sectoral investment.

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Regenerative agriculture is one of the eight priority areas identify in AIA's Strategic Plan.

It can be broadly defined as a set of practices and principles which aim to nurture the health of the soil and protect the climate and water resources to enhance productivity and profitability. Some key principles of regenerative agriculture include reduction in tillage, planting of cover crops to prevent soil erosion, maintaining living roots, increasing diversity, integrating livestock/grazing management, reducing/eradicating chemical inputs and increasing biological inputs.

Partnership with SAI Platform Australia

SAI Platform Australia and AIA are partnering to undertake a state of play report for regenerative agriculture in Australia. This report is designed to be a first step towards understanding the opportunities for cross-sectoral investment in this area over the next 5 – 10 years.

It will provide a greater understanding of the regenerative agriculture landscape, including:

  • land programs currently in place/development in Australia
  • commonalities and contradictions in the scope/definitions/metrics
  • current verification and supply chain traceability approaches
  • related consumer facing claims
  • a comparison against key global initiatives.

SAI Platform Australia is a member-based organisation covering food and beverage value-chains and provides practical and commercial perspectives on issues and policies that impact Australia’s agricultural sector.

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