AIA Environmental Accounting Platform

AIA Environmental Accounting Platform

The AIA Environmental Accounting Platform (AIA EAP) is a definitive carbon calculation engine for Australian agriculture, fisheries and forestry.

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It provides a common, consistent and standardised way to calculate carbon footprints at a commodity, enterprise and whole of business level.

The AIA EAP is a national-scale, pre-competitive carbon accounting solution - one that can provide an accessible, reliable and consistent reference point to support producers and the supply chain with a better understanding of emissions across commodities.

It provides universal access to carbon calculators that reflect Australian conditions and are aligned to relevant standards and protocols.

Producers can access the platform via channels they already use and trust - such as their RDCs and farm management software providers.

Farm and business solution providers, supply chain participants, financial institutions and others can integrate with the engine and build it into their own service offerings.

Backed by experts The AIA EAP is grounded in science and research. A panel of leading Australian experts in GHG accounting, emissions reduction, soil carbon management and climate science, ensures the platform is up to date and aligns with relevant Australian standards, research and protocols.

Industry supported The EAP was built by AIA with investment from several of Australia’s rural Research and Development Corporations (RDCs):

GRDCMLACRDCAustralian EggsAustralian PorkAgriFuturesAustralian Meat Processor CorporationFRDCSugar Research Australia


Terms and Conditions of Use

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